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Economic and Administrative.

On Time Economic and Administrative Consulting.

OnTime is a Kuwaiti company that works according to the purposes of its establishment in Kuwait to provide economic, financial, and administrative consulting services. This is done in accordance with Kuwait’s legislation and in accordance with applicable professional values and customs.

About Us


OnTime’s consulting services range from financial, administrative, and economic services to all the businesses that companies need to develop their business and improve their performance through a selection of consultants in many fields to ensure efficient and effective service to our clients. These services include the following:

Cooperation Entities

بنك الكويت الصناعي
The National Fund
Public Authority for Industry


Integrated feasibility study for your project


I have been worked with ” OnTime” for all my company’s Financial analysis & Economic research, i recommend to work with them because they are professionals.

Rashid Zidan

Rashid Zidan

On of the biggest Companies for prepare feasibility studies, they are professionals and give you premium quality so, i highly recommended work with “OnTime”

Youssef Zain

Youssef Zain

At the stage of starting my own project, “OnTime” provided me with a business plan and analyzed the market and competitors, and now I get profits day after day.

Zainab Sherif

Zainab Sherif

With “OnTime” i I felt calm and comfortable about my company status, they prepared a Business plan for me and it was good and made me on the track.

Abdullah Zaid

Abdullah Zaid

Common Questions

How do I obtain “OnTime” services?
You can obtain all the services provided by “Ontime” by contacting us via WhatsApp, calling (+96555521007) or sending an e-mail via info@ontimekuw.com or visiting the company’s headquarters
What are the feasibility study sections in OnTime?
OnTime team conducts a comprehensive study of the following sections: Economic, Technical, Operational, Legal, Marketing and Financial.
What are the sources relied on by “OnTime” in preparing the study?
Ontime relies on governmental and official sources to collect information and data for study, such as The Ministry of Commerce and Industry – Public Authority for Industry – General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development – Kuwait Investment Authority – Central Administration for Statistics – Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.
Is feasibility study a factor in the success or failure of projects?
Of course yes, the feasibility study is the road map that guides you as an investor to the right path in your project. Through analyzing the data carried out by the work team within OnTime, the study gives the green light to start the project or abandon it and think about another project, as it is The only way you can know the strengths involved in the project to work on and exploit them, and know the weaknesses and work on adapting them for you.
Among the hundreds of companies, why OnTime?
We choose the best methods for you that will bring you the most profitable return, because the feasibility study is the cornerstone of all projects of all types and sizes, we follow an approach that makes us the best among other companies specialized in our field: our company includes the largest economic consultants in the Arab world and specialists in preparing comprehensive feasibility studies and all other economic services that we provide.

Ready to Start?

Do you think you are ready to start working on your own project? Do not hesitate now and request a perfect feasibility study from “Ontime” now.

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  • Address: Ali Al Mulla Tower – Floor 8 – Office 2 , Abdullah Al Mubarak Street – Kuwait City
  • Landmark: Next to the old museum
  • +965 50779502
  • info@ontimekuw.com